How to increase the number of supporters on Instagram for Real

How to Increase Followers on Instagram for Real

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world. You can send photos, videos and ephemeral stories to Instagram, and it's proven to be one platform where many big brands have found success in reaching out to their audience. It's not easy to raise Instagram followers, but if you follow these tips and create a strong strategy, you'll see results. There is good content in the Instagram center – you simply cannot succeed without it, but there is much more to it than to increase the number of Instagram followers than in the eyes. Here are our best tips to help you increase your Instagram followers.

1. Find out why you're on Instagram
That sounds very simple, but it's the most important thing if you want to increase Instagram followers. What are you on Instagram? Is it driving traffic to your website? Is it reaching out to a new audience? Whatever it is, you must define your goal and then develop a strategy to achieve that goal.

2. Quality issues
You can't get away with low effort, half-hearted Instagram contributions. If your strategy revolves around photos, make sure you have great images of what you're trying to promote. For example, you can send a picture of a book you are viewing with a coffee mug next to it on a plush wooden table – it instantly attracts more people to your photo label and that is a great victory. If you're submitting videos, make sure you're editing them correctly, and if possible add either captions or text to the video because the videos are muted by default.

3. Publish detailed headlines
We have seen billing accounts detailed accounts of how a picture was taken, detailed recipes and cooking methods, and even whole book reviews sent as Instagram headlines. All this in very popular Instagram accounts, showing that along with good content, you should also publish detailed headlines. This is not something you should do every time, but every time a headline adds a lot to your photo or video, you should send a detailed one.

4. Instagram contributions
Instagram stories let you by default skip the news feed queue and even have a prominent slot on the Discover page. That's enough reason to make good use of the stories. We found that people are happy to send us questions about tech-tech through Instagram Stories QnA. You can even add stories to Stories if your account has this feature, so it's another reason to use them as much as possible.

5. Join with others
Don't just leave Instagram on a one-way street where you send quality content, but never worry about anyone. To increase Instagram followers, you should communicate with your audience and your favorite accounts in your industry. Comment on their stories or posts or simply those that are relevant to your account.

Another overlooked aspect is paying attention to what is the trend and hop in. For example, a ten-year challenge has caused waves recently, and so find ways to create relevant posts on these topics for even greater chances of joining your audience.

6. Don't forget about hashtags
There is no need for spam hashtags to increase Instagram followers, but you should definitely use three or four popular hashtags relevant to your audience. There are niche hashtags for different communities or interests and you should definitely focus on these to increase your reach.

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7. Use your bio to your advantage
Your bio is your Instagram identity. If you hope to increase your followers, you should update this update regularly. Bio is the only place you can add clickable links, which means you should update them frequently to direct people to your website.

8. Each site should have a call to action
You wrote a great photo or video from your product, you wrote a big description, but there is one more thing you can do. Tell your followers to check your bio link and find out more. This is a simple but effective thing every account should do. Also, if you shared a great post, it doesn't hurt to ask your followers to tag their friends who may concern your product.

9. Instagram-exclusive deals
You can certainly reveal the gifts and competitions on your site to increase Instagram followers, but as a brand, a more rewarding strategy could be. You can offer a discount coupon to your Instagram followers and be creative. Perhaps once a week you can have a contest with the question of what you want to promote and share a coupon with those who get the answer right. This was seen as a good tactic for early growth on Instagram.

10. Do not put all eggs in one basket
This is very important. Make sure you are present on multiple social media platforms or at least have a non-Instagram website. In an effort to increase your Instagram followers you should never forget that it can reduce your reach at any point, and if that happens, you don't want your hard work to go to waste.

Last but not least, we do not strongly recommend buying Instagram followers. While there are several services that will allow you to increase Instagram followers for a small price, it is best to avoid them. If Instagram sometimes decides to burst, your account may be suspended or permanently disabled. There's no point in taking risks.

What are your tips for increasing Instagram followers? Let us know by comments.

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