BlackBerry World Remove Paid Applications Since April 1, the company has been telling developers

BlackBerry World to Remove Paid Apps From April 1, Company Tells Developers

BlackBerry Limited has informed several application developers that since April 1 it will be forced to remove paid software from the BlackBerry World app store.

"BlackBerry has begun to warn developers with paid apps at BlackBerry World via e-mail. According to the news, BB10 users will not be able to buy anything from the store on April 1, when paid content will be removed," SlashGear reported late on Tuesday.

The company allegedly stated that the marketplace would be "only a window" and that "all purchasing mechanisms would be banned".

"The transition from paid to free must take place by March 31st. Any paid content that has not been transferred will be completely removed the next day. Developers who only have free content on & nbsp; BlackBerry World & # 39; no action, ”the report added.

In December 2017, BlackBerry promised to support BB10 for at least two years with "BlackBerry World" decided to terminate officially on December 31, 2019.

BlackBerry 10 or BB10 is a proprietary mobile operating system for a range of BlackBerry smartphones, both developed by BlackBerry Limited.

BlackBerry Limited manages BlackBerry licenses and software.

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