BlackBerry Sues Snapchat Parent for patent infringement over Snap Map: Report

BlackBerry Sues Snapchat Parent for Patent Infringements Over Snap Map: Report

After suing Nokia and Facebook in 2017, BlackBerry has now allegedly filed a patent infringement action against Snapchat's parent company Snap. Earlier this month, BlackBerry sued Facebook and its WhatsApp and Instagram apps, claiming to copy technology and features from BlackBerry Messenger. Last year, BlackBerry sued Nokia, claiming that there was a patent infringement on 3G and 4G wireless communication technologies. BlackBerry is reportedly going after Snape and blaming her for breaking six patents.

According to a Bloomberg report, BlackBerry's complaint against Snap claims that this complaint violated six patents issued in 2012 and 2014, two of which are seven patents that were filed against Facebook. In the report, Mashable noted that patents included a map and UI improvements for mobile devices and modern mobile advertising techniques. Interestingly, improving the map refers to Snapchat's launch of Snap Map.

BlackBerry spokesman told Mashable in a statement: "BlackBerry has a well-established reputation for protecting and securing data and privacy for our customers. We've been working to establish a dialogue with Snap for over a year because we believe there is much more opportunity for partnership than disagreement. we keep this door open, we also have a strong claim that Snap violated our intellectual property, damaged our shareholders, and we have a duty to seek appropriate legal means. ” t

Notably, the trial was passed in the US District Court for the Central District of California. The submission was published by a journalist at Scribd. The presentation shows a comparison of illustrations from BlackBerry patents and Snapchat screenshots. Meanwhile, Snap had no official word on this issue.

BlackBerry was successful in his spree litigation. Last year, Qualcomm agreed to pay BlackBerry $ 814.9 million (about 5,300 crores) to settle the arbitration over royalties. In October 2017, BlackBerry announced confidentiality with Blu Products, a manufacturer of low-cost mobile devices in Florida. Meanwhile, the case of Nokia is still waiting for the federal court in Delaware.

Patent infringement lawsuits appear to be part of BlackBerry CEO John Chen's strategy of making money for a company that has lost its share of the smartphone market that once dominated.

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