BlackBerry, Microsoft Working Together for Productivity Apps for Mobile

BlackBerry, Microsoft Collaborate on Productivity Apps for Mobiles

Former BlackBerry and Microsoft competitors have announced that they are working together to offer businesses a solution that integrates Microsoft's mobility and security expertise with Microsoft Cloud and productivity.

Through this partnership, technology titans have collaborated on a first-class solution – BlackBerry Enterprise "BRIDGE".

"We saw the need for a hyper-secure way for our customers to use native Office 365 mobile apps. BlackBerry Enterprise BRIDGE & # 39; he addresses this and is an example of how BlackBerry and Microsoft continue to securely allow workers to produce highly productive work in a connected world, Carl Wiese, Global Sales President at BlackBerry, said in a statement Monday.

“Our customers choose Microsoft 365 for productivity and collaboration tools that deliver continuous innovation. Together with BlackBerry, we'll take it to the next level and give businesses a new standard for secure productivity, ”said Judson Althoff, executive vice president of Worldwide Commercial Business at Microsoft.

As Microsoft mobile apps are readily available within BlackBerry Dynamics, corporate users will now have consistent experience opening, editing, and saving Microsoft Office 365 files, such as Excel, PowerPoint and Word, on each device. Android or iOS.

As part of the collaboration, Microsoft added that BlackBerry Dynamics, along with Secure, UEM Cloud, BlackBerry Workspaces, and AtHoc, are now also available on Azure Cloud, giving workers on the move more flexibility.

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